Working in the social impact and CSR arenas has become more challenging, inspiring and rewarding during the new COVID—19 normal. As we immerse ourselves in ever changing realities and determine how to best respond with smart strategies and continuous planning, I thought I’d share some thoughts.  Although some of these may seem obvious or simple, they’re really helping me each day.  I hope they inspire you to be intentional in your daily journey:

Maintain Social Connections:

Social distancing and sheltering/working at home does not mean that we can’t be social.  Now more than ever, we need to explore ways to foster meaningful connections.  This moment empowers us to try new approaches, practice empathy as we work in teams, and be there for one another.  Whether you video conference, make phone calls, email or text—communicate frequently (within reason) and openly.  Build in time during conversations to check-in personally, find moments for humor, and celebrate small and large accomplishments.

With family and friends, if you can’t be together physically, use FaceTime and share mealtime.  Or be even more adventurous and choreograph a group TikTok – you’ll see how quickly it becomes a much-needed mini dance party for all ages.

Focus Your News Tracking and Learning:

It is so important, especially now, to stay updated on the COVID-19 news and other sector information related to your cause efforts and your own lives.  Each of us has varying levels of bandwidth for how much we can read, learn and analyze.  Focus on the topics that are most pertinent to your world and go deep embracing diverse nonprofit and news sources for information.  Try not to get distracted by the myriad of other issues being covered.  And, for topics where you dive deeper, get off the Web and listen to experts by jumping on some of the many Webinars being offered.  Also, I know you know how to avoid fake news, but just in case you want some tips, read here.

Stay Positive:

Amidst all of the challenging and upsetting news, it’s important to stay positive.  I bet you are but appreciate that this takes courage as we make key decisions with our colleagues around how our companies and employees can help respond to COVID-19.  Experts say that being positive is not only important for our work, it’s actually good for our health and well-being.  Read more here.

Take Care of Yourself:

As we wake up each day caring for our families, friends and communities, we need to also take care of ourselves.  We need to stay strong and healthy.  For me that’s about eating healthy, getting fresh air each day, and finding time for fun and play.  As I work remotely in Vermont with my younger and older kids, we are lucky to find ourselves often outside.  So far, we have played tennis on the driveway, built an epic fort in the woods, gone for long nature walks, and even pulled out the sleds.  Inside we are getting crafty painting old jars and vases, cooking and baking big meals together, and jamming to music.  As you practice social distancing, make time to take on the play activities you love best!

Onward together!

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