We are learning each day from national and local nonprofit and government leaders about the wide-range of upcoming needs and how companies and individuals can focus their energy or support. As you know, our most vulnerable populations are already in need of significant assistance. Food insecurity has arisen an early urgent need. Here are a few immediate response ideas to consider:

Donate funds to local food banks and/or food pantries

who are rallying to support the needs of communities nationwide most affected by COVID-19. You can also give to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

Support Meals on Wheels

and home delivery programs as they address the critical need to deliver to older adults who are food insecure and home bound.

Recruit Younger Volunteers

to help local food banks fill critical roles packing and organizing food delivery boxes. Healthy high school or college students are being asked to jump in to fill volunteer spots where older adults should no longer continue.

Share Your Company’s Response Efforts

so others can learn with you as part of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation corporate action database.

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