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Think Positive COVID-19

Steps to Remain Positive, Connected and Focused During Social Distancing

Working in the social impact and CSR arenas has become more challenging, inspiring and rewarding during the new COVID—19 normal. As we immerse...
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We Are Actively Working Remotely During COVID-19

The Cause Consulting team is working remotely, engaging with our clients around COVID-19 response strategy. We are talking with industry leaders and...
GoDaddy Made in America Video series

Entrepreneurs Defy the Odds in New GoDaddy Docu-series – Newsletter #12

“Made in America,” a new docu-series produced by GoDaddy, shines a spotlight on the importance of making entrepreneurship inclusive for all. For too many aspiring entrepreneurs, limited access to training, networks and funding ends with lost opportunities. Watch their journey with GoDaddy and how the Empower program equips entrepreneurs in under-served communities with the resources they need to make their dreams a reality.

Mark Feldman Gets Personal with Chicago Business Leaders

“I am driven by the power of purpose; thus it is not surprising that purpose has become a core part of Cause Consulting’s work building corporate...
Serving More Than Food

Serving More Than Food

My love for the restaurant business runs deep. Having spent most of my career working cross-functionally in the industry, I can’t get enough of the different concepts, innovation, partnerships but especially the people. It’s because of the people that the toll of...

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Making Small Business Our Business During COVID-19

Making Small Business Our Business During COVID-19

From the local coffee shop that knows my preferred beverage to the barber shop that has been cutting my family’s hair for four generations to the childcare center that we trust, these businesses create neighborhood culture, foster community vibrancy and make me feel...

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