​Unleashing the Power of Play as We Live and Age Together

Many believe play is just for kids – not us! We are proud to be a part of the Ageless Innovation team in creating a movement to address social isolation and loneliness among older adults. At TEDx Providence, CEO Ted Fisher shared the company’s philosophy that play is a basic human need proven to improve our health and well-being as we live and age together. Click here to watch!

Spreading the Power of Inclusive Entrepreneurship

How do we create awareness, demand, and support so everyone can pursue entrepreneurship? Nikki Korn joined Joe Kriesburg, Santiago Narino and Ben Forman at the 2019 E for All Summit to share insights, ideas and data around how entrepreneurship is building local economies and improving lives. Nikki highlighted best practices from Empower by GoDaddy’s social impact program and emphasized the growing need to define and advance the issue with a clear call-to-action.

How Healthcare Professionals Can Better Communicate Social Impact

Healthcare communications leaders from across the U.S. participated in our workshops on employee engagement and social impact storytelling conducted by Mark Feldman and Nikki Korn at the Advanced Learning Institute conference. Thank you to Lucy Darragh, Director of Corporate Citizenship, for joining us to share how we leveraged the power of Design Thinking to develop, test and learn around Blue Cross Blue Shield’s DotRx community health program. Learn more about our speaking engagements and workshops.

Empower by GoDaddy Program Recognized for Deep Community Impact

Empower by GoDaddy earned first place in PR Daily’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards within the Corporate-Community Partnership category, recognizing its unique approach to partnering not only with national nonprofits, but also with local organizations in more than 40 cities across the nation. The award highlighted three years of successful collaboration with Jane Boyd Community House and a portfolio of other local partners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There, 100 local entrepreneurs have graduated Empower, gaining new digital, marketing and business skills and networks to strengthen their small business journey.

Inspiring REALTORS® to Address Homelessness Across Canada

We’re fortunate to join the Canadian Real Estate Association to craft and launch the first annual REALTORS Care® Week. This event, coinciding with National Housing Day, will engage thousands of REALTORS® to raise awareness of, and volunteer to address housing and homelessness-related issues across Canada.


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