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List of Cause Consulting Workshops, Speaking + Conference Engagements

by | Jun 1, 2020

We love to speak, teach and learn from other professionals. Below is a sample of some of our team’s engagements.
Making Your Signature Program Work Harder - Learning Lab
How can you further drive your current social impact and corporate responsibility program to be best-in-class?  During this interactive Learn Lab at the ACCP National Conference Mark Feldman and Nikki Korn applied Cause Consulting’s “Invest, Engage, Lead” signature program strategy and framework to help social impact professionals assess their current programs, identify opportunities for enhancement, unleash assets, and establish a road map forward.  Learn more


Design Thinking for Social Impact Keynote + Workshop

Are you challenged to generate fresh solutions to complex corporate responsibility, business and social problems?  Would you like to unleash new ideas from your internal and external teams?  Nikki Korn and Mark Feldman’s interactive keynotes and workshops introduce business leaders to the power of human-centered design processes to drive creativity, innovation and fresh brainstorming within their organizations and among partners. Learn more about Denver’s BCivic Conference and ACCP’s Annual Conference.

Evolution, Innovation and Best Practices in Corporate Social Impact
From corporate philanthropy and volunteerism to the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to today’s Era of Innovation, Mark Feldman and Nikki Korn brought their Managing for Social Impact book chapter to life at Boston College.  Learn more.
Social Impact Communications Certificate Course
This 3-day course designed and taught by the Cause Consulting team for the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, provided practitioners with the fundamental skills to craft and activate strategic social impact communications strategies. From understanding and mapping target audiences, crafting concise and compelling stories, to maximizing the suite of internal and external communications tools, participants left prepared to tackle their daily marketing and communications challenges.
How Healthcare Professionals Can Communicate Social Impact

A hands-on workshop at the Advanced Learning Institute conference designed to help communicators and other professionals in the health care arena assess their current social impact programs and communications, identify opportunities for enhancement, unleash assets, and establish a road map forward.

Maximizing the Power of Public-Private Partnerships
Mark Feldman’s keynote address at the Jimmy Fund’s Corporate Partner Summit shared best practices for forging long-term, sustainable partnerships.
Building an Inclusive Entrepreneurship Movement

Nikki Korn discussed the importance of advocating for inclusive entrepreneurship in underserved communities at the 2019 E for All Summit. Nikki highlighted best practices, tangible tips and major insights learned throughout years of working on Empower by GoDaddy and as a social impact program expert.

Bold Ideas for Corporate Philanthropy
In his address at the Council on Foundation’s Grants Manager’s Network, Mark Feldman shared bold ideas about the power of purpose to unite employees, the critical role of corporate intrepreneurs, and the necessity for more Philanthropic R & D.
How to be a Strong Corporate Social Issue Leader
Today, brands have more opportunity than ever to share their authentic voice, perspective and expertise around social issues. Nikki Korn’s ACCP webinar helped corporate citizenship professionals consider where and how their company’s can further lead around an issue through advocacy, engagement campaigns and other strategies.  Learn more.



Finding the Right Balance in Your Philanthropic Strategy
This session dug into the tips, potholes, and evolving best practices to enhancing the impact of corporate contributions. Mark Feldman joined panelists at the Grant Manager’s Network to discuss the need to continuously balance between: responsive vs. proactive grant-making; giving shorter-term vs. longer-term grants; making fewer larger vs. numerous smaller investments; supporting proven vs. experimental initiatives; and other hot topics.
Increasing Visibility for Your Community Initiatives
How can you increase visibility for community initiatives within your organization, engage key leaders as champions and clearly align community investment with organizational goals and vision?   Mark Feldman helped answer these questions during a Philanthropy Ohio national webinar.
Please contact us if we can design a customized session or workshop for your conference or company.
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