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Cause Consulting’s August Trend Watch

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From the private sector responding to Hurricane Harvey to new insights on the United States’ progress on the SDGs, below are the issues and brands that recently caught our attention.

Issues we’re tracking

Disaster Coordination Call for Hurricane Harvey (Triple Pundit)

Extreme flooding in Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey damaged homes and businesses, displaced families and individuals, and left fatalities in the region.  In the wake of disasters such as these, a multi-sector response effort is critical.

Free Laundry Machines Could Be A Key To Boosting School Attendance (Fast Company)

When Whirlpool first donated washers and dryers to low-income schools, chronically absent kids started showing up an average of two more days per month.  A new partnership with Teach for America will expand the program’s reach even further.

A Big Hurdle Do-Good Companies Face (Salon)

New research published in the Journal of Consumer Research examined how willingly people support for-profit social ventures compared with nonprofits and for-profit companies.  Among the findings, the research indicated that consumers think being charitable is incompatible with making a profit.  However, there are steps for-profits can take to gain support.

How U.S. Cities Stack Up On The Sustainable Development Goals (Fast Company)

What happens when we apply the UN’s latest metrics to U.S cities? A stark contrast becomes apparent between cities making progress on issues like clean water to equality to hunger and those that are falling behind.

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