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Our Point of View

Today, it is not enough to just have a great product or service to be successful. Companies and brands must act and communicate about how they positively impact their employees, communities and environment.
Consumers seek more than transactions; they are looking for deeper, meaningful experiences. Employees seek purposeful work and opportunities; they want to feel good about what they do every day.

And, business partners seek collaborative, transparent relationships; they want to know what companies stand for.

Brands that address these changing expectations increase loyalty, build trust and ultimately strengthen their business and impact society.

We Believe

We believe that it does not matter what you call it — citizenship, sustainability, or corporate responsibility. What is imperative is that each company has a shared vision, goals and common language.
We believe a sustainable social impact strategy must drive from a company’s core values and brand promise; it is about authenticity, not PR.
We believe being a good corporate citizen is an ideal, not an end state. Continuous improvement is the true nature of the assignment.
We believe brands have more opportunity than ever to share their authentic voice, perspective and expertise around social issues that are important to them and their stakeholders.
We believe it is not enough to just have a great cause program, the true impact happens when you inspire others to take action.

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