​What’s Now, What’s Next

As this global crisis unfolds, we are continuously examining “what’s now” and thinking about “what’s next” in the corporate social impact arena. We are thrilled to share a collection of these reflections below and on our website.

What’s Next: Corporate Social Impact Strategy in a COVID-19 World

So, what does a company’s portfolio of strategic social impact efforts look like in the future? Although the end-game is not clear, now is the time to begin strategy refinement. This blog raises key questions for social impact professionals to consider as we all continue to manage through uncertainty and rebuild for the future. [By Nikki Korn]

Companies Activate What They Do Best to Address COVID-19

We believe the  strongest social impact strategies  leverage a company’s core expertise and reach. We like to think about this as a company activating its “special sauce” – the unique skill sets, research & development processes, creative approaches, communications channels, business networks and other assets – toward addressing complex problems. Learn more about Identifying and applying “what you do best” and see how some companies are taking action. [By Nikki Korn]

​Making Small Business Our Business During COVID-19

From the local coffee shop that knows our preferred beverage and the barber shop that has been cutting our family’s hair for four generations to the childcare center that we trust, hyper-local businesses create neighborhood culture, foster community vibrancy and make us feel at home. Here  are ways we can all help our favorite small businesses. [By Nikki Korn]

Serving More Than Food

Even though the doors of restaurants may be closed, leaders are not sitting down. During these uncertain times, we are grateful to see franchisers and owners not only thinking about their businesses, but their employees and the people in their communities. Check it out here! [By Jennifer Askjaer]

Stories of Courageous and Creative Volunteerism During COVID-19

We are inspired by people around the globe stepping up to support one another during this unprecedented crisis. Read about powerful examples of people taking action. [By Samantha Kendall]

Steps to Remain Positive, Connected and Focused

Working in the social impact and CSR arenas has become more challenging, inspiring and rewarding during the COVID-19 new normal. As we immerse ourselves in ever changing realities and determine how to best respond with smart strategies, we share some thoughts on staying positive. [By Nikki Korn]

A Little More

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