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Cause Consulting’s March Trend Watch

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From brands taking stands against gun violence to innovators applying design thinking toward social impact, below are some of the issues that caught our attention in March.

Issues we’re tracking

Brands Taking a Stand 

Fresh gun violence at schools was the last straw for many companies who decided to change their sales policies and break with the NRA. New York Times

Human-Centered, Systems-Minded Design

Learn how both human-centered and systems-thinking methods fit within an effective design approach, and can work in conjunction to address social challenges.  SSIR

This City Wants to See a ‘Basic Level of Design Skill in Everyone’ 

Singapore seeks to use design thinking “to transform a little red dot on the map into an innovation economy and a livable city.”  Read the full story

16 Girls Who Changed The World 

This inspiring Women’s History Month piece that we’ve been sharing with the young girls and boys in our lives celebrates the achievements of amazing women who have made waves. Read the full story

Social Enterprise is Not Social Change

This provocative piece in Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) declares that solving systemic social problems takes people, politics, and power — not more social entrepreneurship.

A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America

This report from the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and APHSA focuses on the economic and social impact of human services community-based organizations (CBOs).  Download the report.

Brands we’re tracking

  • Everything But Water: Launches “Water is Everything” Campaign to save oceans around the globe (Elle)
  • BCCCC: Releases Profiles of the Profession Report
  • Starbucks: NextGen Cup Challenge calls on inventors to develop a more sustainable coffee cup. (Motley Fool)
  • O Magazine: Cover asks “What would you stand up for?”  And then highlights young leaders who’ve answered that question through action.
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