Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream is expanding its program in 2014 and expects to lend another $1 million in microloans and increase its coaching and counseling activities. To date, the program has already provided nearly $3 million in microloans to more than 300 small businesses, and advised more than 4,000 entrepreneurs nationwide.

The expansion includes extending the program’s Speed Coaching activities in cities throughout the country. In 2014 the program will host events in 14 locations including Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Lehigh Valley, Pa, Western Mass and Washington, DC – and for the first time in Philadelphia and Seattle.

In 2014, Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream will also hold its Pitch Room competition for the second year in a row to help food and beverage small business owners perfect the art of the sales pitch. The competition consists of four regional events across the country in which participants pitch their products to a panel of expert judges – including celebrity chefs as well as major retail buyers– and receive constructive feedback and advice. Regional winners are invited to participate in the final competition for the chance to be named the 2014 national Pitch Room winner and receive a $10,000 business grant as well as extended mentoring and coaching from Samuel Adams.

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