Boston Beer Company and its founder, Jim Koch, are featured in the business section of the New York Times as well as its blog, You’re the Boss, in two separate posts (Post 1 and Post 2).The feature explores Boston Beer’s support of small businesses in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry across America. Through its corporate philanthropy program, Brewing the American Dream (BTAD), Boston Beer has provided microloans to entrepreneurs since 2008 along with industry-specific coaching, mentoring, educational resources, and networking opportunities.

The article highlights the significant impact of Boston Beer’s innovative mentoring events, Speed Coaching, which are local events that pair business experts both from the company and other local businesses with entrepreneurs seeking specific business advice. The feature points to the success of small business owner Carlene O’Garro, the first recipient of a BTAD loan in 2008, who has continued to benefit from the support and mentorship through the program and has recently expanded her distribution to Whole Foods markets around New England.

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