Zilch.  It’s not a word we typically connect to something positive.  Well, Nancy Lublin, my friend and Founder of Dress for Success and lead executive for Do Something has a fresh and real perspective in her new book Zilch.

Whether you’re in a company, nonprofit or searching for your next gig—Zilch speaks to how successful nonprofit leaders have built great brands, teams and organizations making real impact, without a lot of resources…well, not much at all.  It’s practical, honest and straightforward and, candidly, a breath of fresh air about how all of us can be empowered to do big things in our work by applying creativity, teamwork, passion and problem-solving and not typical approaches.

What do I love about this book most?    Nancy’s voice.  No obstacle is too great;  all of us can enjoy what we do; and all of us can learn how to inspire others.  I know that’s what we wake up hoping to do every day at Cause Consulting with ourselves and our clients.

Who knew a Yiddish word—zilch—could have so much depth and application to changing the world…find out more by checking it out at https://www.zilchbook.com/ or pick up a copy, but not for zilch, just $25.95.

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