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As business strategists, program architects, and storytellers, we embrace best practices, draw insights from those closest to the issues, and engage in knowledge-sharing with fellow social impact leaders.

Below we’re thrilled to share a series of recent articles from our social impact playbook to enhance your work. Let us know how they resonate with you.

6 Tips to Evaluate + Strengthen Your Signature Social Impact Program

Make your signature social impact programs work harder by aligning with business strategy, engaging employees, and identifying a unique social impact niche. Read Nikki’s advice.

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Advancing the “Social” in ESG; 5 Essential Actions

Apply these five key actions to better understand and propel the ‘S’ in ESG within your company. Read more about Mark’s “S-Five” – Strategize, Strive, Synergize, Spark and Share.

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Calling on Social Impact Professionals to Lead Through Challenging Times

Learn how to be a bold leader using these actionable tools to navigate tough issues, trust yourself, and lead with confidence. Read Nikki’s perspective.

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6 Tips for Writing Your First ESG Report

Discover essential strategies for creating and refining your CR / ESG report in Olyvia’s blog. Remember to focus on progress, not perfection.

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Preparing Companies to Respond to Pressing Societal Issues

Explore how stakeholder mapping, issue research, decision trees and other tools will better prepare you to craft authentic, intentional actions around complex issues and events. Nikki’s recent blog.

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5 Ways to Advance Your Corporate Community Investment Efforts  

Dive into approaches companies can take to refresh their grantmaking, partnerships, and employee engagement efforts. Explore Virginia’s blog.

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3 Ways ERGs Can Amplify Your Social Impact

Unlock the potential of Employee Resource Groups to drive social impact. Read Aaron’s blog to increase engagement.

Prioritizing Mental Health for Stakeholders

Adopt 3 strategies to better understand and advance mental health issues within your company. Read Olyvia’s perspective

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How to Take a Stand on Pressing Societal Issues

This fall, we engaged hundreds of CSR and ESG practitioners in conversations about how to guide corporate response to complex societal issues. This included robust dialogue during our interactive workshops at ACCP’s annual conference and the 2023 B:CIVIC Summit on the real-time challenge of developing corporate communications and actions related to the Israel-Hamas war.

Our three-phase Emerging Issue Action Model—Prepare, Decide, Act, summarized in the chart above, provides direction on how to analyze situations, determine appropriate courses of action, and activate a strategies to ensure authentic and intentional actions on emerging and pressing issues.

Teaching + Learning this Fall

We’ve been on the road a lot! Perhaps our paths crossed at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Business Solves Conference in Washington, D.C., various events in New York City during the United Nations Global Assembly, including the Concordia Annual Summit and the Social Innovation Summit, or at other local social impact convenings in the northeast, like Alnylam’s BioVenture Challenge and the Boston Business Journal’s Power 50.

We’ll be looking for you in 2024!


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