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For the last 25 years, DoSomething has supported, encouraged, and promoted social change among young people through their digital platform powering real world impact. As part of their ongoing COVID-19 response, CEO Aria Finger and her team established a weekly survey, “The Pulse of Gen Z in the Time of COVID-19,” collecting over 20,000 responses, to assess how Gen Z (ages 13-25) has been handling the pandemic.

In a webinar hosted by Engage for Good, Finger revealed Gen Z’s responses and shared how brands can better engage with the generation. Here are some of the graphics and data points shared:


The economy is a top fear for Gen Z

  • 92% of Gen Z is worried about the economic impact of COVID-19, while 51% are very worried
  • 78% are not confident that the economy is going to recover quickly
  • Nearly 40% have personally lost their job
  • 43% are worried about their family’s ability to afford basic essentials and pay the bills
  • 38% are worried about the financial impact on their future
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Gen Z wants to make a difference

  • 49% believe volunteering and individual impact on society will hold positive impact
  • 83% see social distancing as an opportunity to help, but that is not all they are doing
  • Gen Z on average have taken 6 actions to make a difference in response to COVID-19:
    • 63% are changing their consumption habits
    • 53% are intentionally buying local
    • 68% are fostering connection by engaging someone who might be lonely or struggling
    • 48% have created a virtual event to bring their community together
  • Over half want to get involved with organizations on the front lines of relief efforts
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Gen Z buying habits and brand opinion are changing

  • 23% have stopped purchasing a brand because it has not taken enough action to help during the crisis, or have acted in a way that they did not like
  • 67% want brands to keep them informed on how they are supporting their employees
  • 66% want brands to keep them informed on how they’re helping during this pandemic
  • 75% named a brand they like more because of their response to the crisis
  • 47% named a brand they liked less because of their response to the crisis
  • 42% dislike a brand more because of how they treated their employees, such as Amazon due to reporting that suggested overwork and underpay
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Biggest opportunity for brands

  • 49% report wanting brands to provide or connect consumers to ways that they can make a difference
gen z covid blog


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