Dr. Sarah Cobourn Chapman, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Deloitte Canada, summarizes her chapter in Routledge textbook entitled Critical Issues in Global Sport Management.


The global sport system is in urgent need of new and innovative approaches to the social and economic marketplace in which it operates.

Together with colleagues Johanna Adriaanse and Stephen Frawley, Dr. Sarah Cobourn’s chapter, titled Governance, CSR and Diversity: A critical field of study in global sport management, explores how the intersection of CSR, governance and diversity has become a central topic in the sport industry. Effectively managing social and environmental responsibilities is especially critical in light of the social and economic pressures that sporting organizations face today. The chapter highlights how the integration of social responsibility has evolved within the industry.


Highlights from the chapter include:

– A debate of ‘pilot verses watchdog,’ capturing the tension in the function of governance between directing – such as setting strategic goals and objectives – and monitoring – such as protecting the interests of stakeholders.

– An examination of the complexities of addressing issues of diversity and inclusion within sport.

– A robust identification of the gaps in existing research, such as the establishment of the direct connection between CSR and economic value creation.


The social, cultural and economic significance of sport has never been more evident than it is today. From match-fixing, doping, bribery and corruption to corporate social responsibility, governance, and new media, Critical Issues in Global Sport Management explores the changing face of the industry.

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