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Corporate Diversity and Inclusion – Trend Watch

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Read this collection of recent corporate diversity and inclusion related articles, best-practice reports and case studies from our marketplace scanning during Pride Month.  Look for corporate employees around the globe raising their voices and calling on their employers to do more, and for brands sharing their LGBTQ support directly with consumers.  We’ve also included links to a recent Harvard Business Review article on lessons learned in creating a successful workplace diversity program.
Issues we’re tracking
Google Employees Take a Stand on Diversity and Inclusion (Bloomberg)

With a sharp break from tradition, Google employees call for diversity & inclusion metrics to be tied to executive compensation. Click here to read article.

European Women Push for More Gender Diversity On Corporate Boards (Fortune)

This Fortune article highlights how European women business leaders are advancing gender diversity on corporate boards and what women in the United States can do to move the needle and increase women board member representation.

Brands Celebrate and Support LGBTQ Consumers All Year Round (Fast Company)

While LGBTQ Pride Month is a great way to celebrate diversity and inclusion, more can be done to support and celebrate employees and consumers all year. Look to this Fast Company article for ways consumer brands can become more queer friendly all year round.

Origins of LGBTQ Pride Month (Vox)

This VOX article explains the origins of LGBTQ Pride Month and how it has evolved over the years.

Lessons Learned About Creating a Successful Workplace Diversity Program (HBR)

This Harvard Business Review article outlines lessons learned about creating a successful workplace diversity program and ways to implement these lessons.

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