From the House of Representatives passing a new bill on GMOs, to new research on entrepreneurial activity in America, below are the headlines that caught our attention in July.


ALS Association_July Newsmakers

The Ice Bucket Challenge has led to a Major ALS Discovery (Fast Company)

A recent report from Wired indicates that scientists have discovered a new gene, NEK1, that they now know is one of the most common genes that contributes to the motor neuron disease ALS. The discovery came about using the funds that were donated from the Ice Bucket Challenge over the past few years.

The House Just Passed a New GMO Food Label Bill (Fortune)

Despite opposition from food and biotech companies, a new bill requiring Genetically-Modified Foods to be labeled passed the House of Representatives on July 14, 2016.

Beer Industry_July Newsmakers

Beer Industry Finally Agrees to Nutrition Labeling (TriplePundit)

In an effort to promote consumer choice and transparency, The Beer Institute announced a set of voluntary guidelines around nutrition labeling. Companies that agree to the guidelines will be required to disclose total calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol beverage volume (ABV) on their products.

Fewer People Became Entrepreneurs Last Year And Other Surprises From The 2015 GEM (Forbes)

The recently released Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) found that entrepreneurial activity in the U.S. declined by two points, to 12%, in 2015. Donna Kelley, the GEM Report’s lead author from Babson College cites the decline as a possible indicator of uncertainty or greater pessimism in the economy.


Patagonia Is Going to Make You Think Differently About Food (Fast Company)

Walgreens To Expand Mental Health Services (Forbes)

Walmart Will Start Selling ‘Ugly’ Fruit to Reduce Food Waste (Fortune)

Bank of America Pledges $40 Million to Youth Employment (TriplePundit)

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