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Cause Consulting February Trend Watch

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From a modern city about to run out of water, to America’s Mayors weighing in on social issues, below are some of the issues and brands that are catching our attention this month.

Issues we’re tracking

Imagine a Modern City with No Water

Follow this story on why Cape Town’s water could run out in April or May.  The people of Cape Town have spent recent years praying for rain. It has not come often enough. Lawns have faded to brown and swimming pools have gone dry. The dams that hold the South African city’s water supply are now at just 26% of capacity. Officials warn of the likelihood of a Day Zero, when the level at the dams will drop below 13.5% and the city’s water supply will have to be turned off.  Read the full story in the Economist.

Most Americans Can’t Afford a Minor Emergency

Just 39 percent of Americans have enough money in savings to cover an unexpected $1,000 bill, according to a new report.

And, according to a Federal Reserve report released last year, 44 percent of adults wouldn’t be able to afford an unexpected $400 emergency expense. They’d either borrow the money or sell something to cover the bill.  Learn more

2017 Menino Survey of Mayors

This Boston University study shares perspectives of 115 mayors from 39 states on pressing urban issues, including housing affordability, climate change, federal and state funding shifts, and more. Download the report.

Corporate Citizen Magazine – Resilience, Responsibility, Results 

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship digitally published its Winter 2018 Issue that includes: Cause Marketing and Corporate Citizenship; The Virtuous Cycle of Sustainability; Corporate Citizenship with a B2B Focus; among other articles. Click here to read.

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