In this blog, posted first at the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, I provide five simple tips on how to practice a winning mindset for your corporate citizenship journey and not burn out.

Let’s be honest—every day we wake up with a different level of energy and patience to think big and manage our corporate citizenship efforts. We each juggle the need to be strategists, issue area experts, catalysts for internal and external action, and practical leaders about what we can accomplish. This process is not easy and requires a lot more than caffeine.

But April has arrived—well at least for some of us who are not Boston-based—and while we soak up the vibes and sunshine of spring, we can choose to take a breath of fresh air and set our minds on a dual course: a course that will inspire internal, cross-functional teams to establish a collective vision with goals and near-term milestones that keep us focused on incremental progress. Ultimately, we each seek to have greater social and environmental impact…”

To read the full post, visit the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Blog.


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