This blog from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Annual Conference provides tangible insights on how practitioners can create environments and ecosystems that empower employees to take action for business, social, and environmental impact.

“From water filters that serve the developing world, to banking products that encourage investments in energy efficiency, to action-focused mobile engagement platforms, companies across all industries are empowering their employees to apply their professional expertise to develop solutions to business and social challenges. Distinguished from employee team and skills-based volunteerism, employee-led product innovation is a powerful engagement tool that drives business, social, and environmental impact. 

As someone who spends his day immersed in the development of social impact strategies, it was a pleasure to moderate a panel conversation during the 2017 International Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston with Laura Kohler, senior vice president of human resources and stewardship at Kohler; Andrew Watterson, senior vice president and head of sustainability at KeyBank; and Jami Buck-Vance, director of corporate responsibility & community partnerships at Cox Enterprises. These practitioners shared how they’ve fostered environments and ecosystems where employees’ grass-roots environmental sustainability-related conservation, operational improvement, and product development efforts can take root, and how they’ve elevated these programs to the next level. Among the many learnings from the session, the following three “how-to” insights rose to the top…”

To read the full post, visit the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Blog.

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