Resources for Hurricane Sandy Relief

by Tali Golan

Our thoughts go out to those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy during the storm, and especially in the aftermath of this disaster that has devastated many communities in and around New York City, the New Jersey coast, and other coastal areas.

It has been one week since the storm and we have yet to understand the full ramifications of the damage done to property, lost business, and other costs associated with Hurricane Sandy. What we do know is that the price tag is going to be large, estimated to be in the mid to high billions, and that it will require generous and collaborative efforts from both the public and private sectors to relieve, rebuild and restore communities.

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Cause Consulting Sponsors Youth Design Takes Action Competition

by Mark Feldman

And the winners are… all thirty 2012 Boston Youth Designers. Cause Consulting is proud to sponsor the annual Youth Designers Take Action Competition in which urban youth develop calls-to-action through creative work to inspire others to take action. This year’s public service announcements are powerful, compelling, and artistically impressive.Congratulations to the top three submissions: Nora Ngowu (image below), Aaron Clanton, and Tucker Gay! Check out this PDF to see the top-ten submissions.

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