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Samantha Kendal - Associate

Samantha Kendall


Ready, set, go!  Samantha is always ten steps ahead in responding to teammates’ and clients’ needs. As a go-to problem solver, project manager, and social media master, Samantha ensures things get done.  Every day she applies her skills, coupled with her passion to change the world, to advance our work.

Samantha kicked off her career at Marlo Marketing, an integrated marketing communications firm in Boston. During her tenure, she supported the leadership team, drove the social media platforms and ran the internship program. From the agency world, she headed to the retail headquarters of The Rockport Group, a leading global footwear brand. There she provided customer support and account management and learned the value of exceeding expectations and providing an upscale level of support to mom-and-pop small businesses throughout Canada and the United States. Utilizing her problem-solving abilities and her natural kindhearted personality, she helped store owners, buyers and customers address challenges and meet targets.

Samantha is the Founder and former President of the Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault, where club members actively participate in bi-weekly meetings, educational seminars, trainings and creative activities around this life-threatening issue. With the goal of diminishing sexual misconduct while prompting social change and gender equality, she developed an appreciation for the power of cause-related communications and an impactful social media presence.

With a gift for meeting new people and a love of learning, Samantha is always utilizing her leadership skills for the greater good. Rest assured, if she’s on your team, she’s got your back.

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