Mark Feldman

Principal + Managing Director

Mark is at the forefront of the corporate social impact and marketing fields. He is recognized as an “exemplary leader in corporate responsibility” by Corporate Responsibility Magazine and is the recipient of a 2015 Presidential Points of Light Award for his on-going leadership and commitment to community involvement and local change. Read recent publications

Nikki Korn

Principal + Chief Strategy Officer

For over two decades, Nikki has worked with national and global brands on their social impact journey. She is continuously advancing the field and has been profiled as one of the Leading Women in CSR by Triple Pundit and as an “exemplary leader in corporate responsibility” by CR Magazine.



A Vision and Hope for the High School of the Future

“Let’s re-imagine Boston High Schools. What if there were no walls? What could the high school experience look like?” queried Nikki Korn, Principal of Cause Consulting, to the audience at the fifth annual Youth Designers Take Action Competition. Nikki’s question, the...