ARAMARK: Enriching Lives Every Day

CSR Framework and Strategy


  • Global CSR Platform
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  • #1 in Industry-Fortune's Most Admired Companies list 2011
  • Finalist for 2009 BCLC Corporate Volunteer Program Award
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    Enriching Lives Every Day” is ARAMARK’s global CSR-related mission, strategy, and theme.  It is a simple message that conveys complex corporate and individual responsibilities to the company’s 250,000 employees. As one of the world’s largest food, health care, uniform and facilities management companies, ARAMARK people work inside thousands of organizations to create positive experiences and unique environments. Enriching Lives Every Day strengthens their commitment to ARAMARK and is a call-to-action that helps operationalize CSR across diverse business units and industry segments.

    ARAMARK’s CSR framework includes the pillars of Environmental Stewardship, Employee Advocacy, Community Involvement, and Health & Wellness. Each pillar encompasses a range of CSR-related committees, team-members, programs, partnerships, and communications vehicles. A small corporate team provides counsel throughout the complex organization.

    Cause Consulting advises ARAMARK on its corporate responsibility strategy and communications. Together, we reviewed and analyzed the company’s vast CSR-related activities; created ARAMARK’s master CSR framework, messaging, and Enriching Lives Every Day Brand; and designed the ARAMARK Building Community employee engagement and philanthropic program.

    The Enriching Lives Every Day strategy strives to support the company’s workforce; enhance and protect the environment; strengthen communities; advance consumer health and wellness; and develop innovative product and service options for global customers.