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BCCCC Blog: Empower Your Employees to Lead Sustainability Efforts

My latest blog provides three “how-to” insights on how practitioners can create environments and ecosystems that empower employees to take action for business, social, and environmental impact. “From water filters that serve … Continue reading

Apathy or Action? Corporate America, It’s Time to Choose

Click here for the original version published in Triple Pundit. America has spoken. And post-election, we are all contemplating how a new administration will impact our lives and work. As someone … Continue reading

Walking The Tightrope: 5 Strategies to Generate Both Local and Global Impact

Imagine the global corporate citizenship professional walking a tightrope, trying to balance the tensions of making decisions that simultaneously generate local and global social impact.  How should they weigh the issues … Continue reading

How to Use Toy Blocks to Tackle Social Challenges

It is increasingly clear that global health, education, poverty and environmental challenges are profoundly interconnected.  Getting to the root of the problems and driving toward new solutions is complex. Unlike … Continue reading

Maximizing the Power of Public-Private Partnerships

The following blog post is based on Mark Feldman’s keynote Maximize the Power of Your Partnerships at the Jimmy Fund’s 2015 Corporate Partner Summit. Working to solve a shared problem … Continue reading

How to Engage Hard to Reach Employees

Employee engagement is a challenge, especially if your employees are hourly, remote or facility workers. During a dynamic conversation session at this year’s Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Conference … Continue reading

RELEASE: Corporate Citizenship Expert Mark Feldman Receives Daily Point of Light Award

(BOSTON, MA)  Feldman’s 25 Years of Connecting the Power of Business to the Power of Service Recognized Volunteerism is an important business strategy.  Mark Feldman knows this well; he advises corporations … Continue reading

How to Create Impact Through Corporate Volunteerism

It was over twenty-seven years ago that I began my journey connecting corporate employees with community needs. Every day, after climbing four flights of stairs to my desk at the … Continue reading

Mark Feldman Recognized as Corporate Responsibility Leader

We are pleased to share that Cause Consulting’s Founder and Managing Director, Mark Feldman, was named as an exemplary leader in Corporate Responsibility by Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Mark and others … Continue reading

Tips on Harnessing Mobile Technology for Social Change

At this year’s US Chamber of Commerce Annual Corporate Citizenship Conference, I facilitated a session on the transforming power of mobile technology to create safer and healthier communities. Panelists included … Continue reading

CMF Webinar with Mark Feldman: A Tactical Roadmap to Avoid Employee Engagement Potholes

In this Cause Marketing Forum (CMF) webinar, A Tactical Roadmap to Avoid Employee Engagement Potholes, Cause Consulting’s Mark Feldman walked through the strategies and processes the team uses to develop … Continue reading