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Blending together the left and right brain, the east and west coast, and the playful and serious, Natalie is a person of passion and an advocate for continuous improvement. Living by the words that “the only thing that is constant is change,” (Heraclitus) Natalie approaches the world with an open mind and an ardent desire for knowledge and discovery.

At Cause Consulting, Natalie conducts social issue and industry research to shape program development and support nonprofit partner identification. She supports clients on social media and program activation. With her design expertise, Natalie always keeps styles fresh and visually appealing.

Starting her career in commodity trading, Natalie quickly learned two things to be true. The first, success is the result of hard work and chance in synchrony. The second, watching computers trade money wasn’t the way in which she best liked to spend her days. As a result of her learning’s, she moved into a people-person job and worked as a “Sales Rockstar” at local Boston start-up, LevelUp. Here she worked primarily in sales, client relations, project planning and built her skills in information sharing.

In her next professional role, Natalie spent time working with a technology incubator, Savant, in South Africa. Savant worked to grow South African start-ups based on science and technology innovation. While working on project research and management, Natalie discovered both the need for and an interest in helping others build businesses to the point of self-sufficient operations and a succinct vision.

In her free time Natalie has volunteered with Jumpstart, a national early education organization, and continues to spend time volunteering with a local Boston Girl Scout troop. She also enjoys exploring Boston – snow, rain or sun – practicing yoga and planning her next grand adventure. nsimmons@causeconsulting.com

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