Our Team

After spending her early career pitching stories and managing communication plans for the telecommunications and semiconductor industries, Gabrielle took a step back to examine her professional path. As someone who’s life motto is “Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm” (Ralph Waldo Emerson) Gabrielle recognized that to be great at her job – and more importantly, to be happy with it – she needed to feel both passion and purpose.

This insight led her to pursue an unusual Master’s program, “Philanthropy and Media,” to study the impact effective storytelling can have on a nonprofit’s mission. This intersection of social impact and marketing is where Gabrielle found the spark that would propel her career in a direction more suited for her personality, style, and values.

At Cause Consulting, and previously at Hill Holliday advertising, United Way and Cone Communications, Gabrielle applies her unique business perspective to help a diverse portfolio of for-profit and nonprofit brands market their efforts to address social issues using digital, social, and traditional print and broadcast media strategies. When she’s not trying to save the world through purpose-driven communications she can be found enjoying life with her family in a quiet, coastal community south of Boston. gsvenning@causeconsulting.com