We Believe

We believe that it does not matter what you call it — citizenship, sustainability, or corporate social responsibility. What is imperative is that each company has a shared vision and common language to set goals, develop strategies, implement initiatives and monitor progress.
We believe there is an increasing convergence between business and social practices. And, when approached in a coordinated, strategic way, companies have the power to strengthen their businesses and positively impact society.
We believe that trust is the currency of citizenship and must be earned every day. Trust buys “permission to operate.” To build trust requires continuous, two-way engagement with a wide variety of stakeholders including employees, community neighbors, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, and others with a personal interest in the company.
We believe that “being a good corporate citizen” is an “ideal” which companies should strive towards every day. Continuous improvement is the true nature of the assignment.
We believe that it is not only appropriate, but necessary for companies to communicate their citizenship vision and practices.
We believe corporate citizenship practices help achieve business objectives, such as: recruiting and retaining employees; enhancing reputation; differentiating brands; increasing sales; creating efficiencies; and driving product innovation.
We believe the road map for corporate citizenship drives from a company’s core values and brand promise; it is about authenticity, not PR.
We believe corporate citizenship is about going beyond compliance. “CSR reports” are not the end goal, only a part of an on-going strategic process.
We believe that philanthropy should not define citizenship. It is only one important part that lives alongside ethics and governance; manufacturing and supply chain; human resources; and environmental sustainability.
We believe that corporate citizens apply business strategies to impact society so they can: change lives, transform communities, address climate change; improve public health; and solve a wide range of pressing problems.