Resources for Hurricane Sandy Relief

by Tali Golan

Our thoughts go out to those of you affected by Hurricane Sandy during the storm, and especially in the aftermath of this disaster that has devastated many communities in and around New York City, the New Jersey coast, and other coastal areas.


It has been one week since the storm and we have yet to understand the full ramifications of the damage done to property, lost business, and other costs associated with Hurricane Sandy. What we do know is that the price tag is going to be large, estimated to be in the mid to high billions, and that it will require generous and collaborative efforts from both the public and private sectors to relieve, rebuild and restore communities.

As with other recent natural disasters such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the business community has stepped up  to the plate to partner with relief agencies and other organizations to assist in recovery efforts along the east coast. According to the BCLC, over $75 million has been committed by the business community to aid recovery thus far. Two-thirds of this aid has come in the form of direct monetary donations to organizations such as the American Red Cross and Feeding America.

As your company or organization thinks about how to contribute to these efforts, take a look at the business response to Hurricane Sandy thus far:

  • The BCLC is keeping track of corporate donations through their online “corporate aid tracker.” Companies self-report to the BCLC, which adds the description of the commitment to the list.
  • Causecast also has a list of immediate and very tangible opportunities to get engage your employees in hurricane relief efforts in several areas along the east coast.

Use the hashtag #sandygiving on Twitter to let the world know about your charitable efforts and learn about what others are doing.