MLB Community All-Stars

by Mark Feldman

mlb-all-star-and-national-serviceThe 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game launched last night with a “high-five” to community service and volunteerism.  Five living U.S. Presidents honored five specific community heroes, during over five minutes of live prime time national television.  Kudos to Major League Baseball for helping to further embed civic participation and giving into popular culture.  If you missed this part of the pre-game show check it out.

Giving and volunteerism was core to the “Going Beyond” theme heralded throughout the All-Star calendar. During the Home Run Derby MasterCard held the “Hit it Here” promotion to benefit Stand Up to Cancer.  Also did you notice the RBI tally board in the outfield – throughout the game both teams were competing to hit the most RBI’s triggering a donation to charity. One-offs to be sure, but connected to a bigger, emerging national theme.

Recognizing “All-Stars Among Us” set a positive tone for the game and purposely links directly into President Obama’s call for community service through “United We Serve,” a program which encourages all Americans to be part of building a new foundation for America by engaging in sustained and meaningful community service. President Obama is encouraging all Americans to visit to find service opportunities in their area.  To see how some companies are responding visit the United We Serve on-line community.

Be on the lookout all Summer and Fall for more and more companies to be finding ways to engage both their employees and other Americans in service and giving.

Now, this is a game we’d love to see people and companies compete at – Play Ball!