The Lists Are In

by Mark Feldman

fortune cover most admiredIt’s almost Spring and a new wave of CSR-related rankings have been hitting the presses. Fortune Magazine just released its 2009 World’s Most Admired Companies and 100 Best Companies to Work For lists.  Business Week unveiled its Top Customer Service Champs.  And Friday, CRO Magazine gave us its 100 Best Corporate Citizens.   Not to be outdone, the Financial Times and JustMeans just released their new 2008/2009 Corporate Social Innovation Award Winners.

If you doubt that senior executives are paying attention, watch how quickly the companies ranked near the top of the lists share these rankings on their websites and through press releases.  Although the lists still tend to be rather subjective, making the list is a badge of honor that is driving internal business decisions.  Great!

We are just starting to analyze these lists to look for trends.  All we can say is that we hope that more and more companies try to claw their way to the top of these lists through innovative CSR practices.

What interesting trends have you uncovered in these lists?